Gabriel Vial Palma founded his law firm in Santiago, more than 80 years ago, following a family tradition that goes back to the beginnings of the Republic, when Agustín Vial Santelices graduated as a lawyer before the Real Audiencia of Chile on April 16th, 1798. The Vial y Palma firm had an outstanding track record, primarily in the areas of Civil and Commercial Law, which allowed it to become one of the leading law firms in Chile.

In 2005, the then partners Vial and Palma chose to continue their professional work in two separate groups.

This is how Grupo Vial Abogados was formed. Their members retain their traditional practice and professional quality, but enriched by a service profile and new specialties that this team is constantly striving to perfect over the years.
To that end, in 2015, the outstanding team of tax lawyers who formed the firm Serrano Weinstein Abogados, joined Grupo Vial Abogados.

As a result, as of January 2015, the firm's name has become Grupo VialSerrano Abogados, which hopes to maintain its fundamental features, reinforced with the contribution made by the new members of the firm.